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Nutrition Education Branch

The FNS SNAP Nutrition Education Branch establishes 快三计划软件 policy and guidance and supports Regional and State partners through activities such as strategic planning, technical assistance and training, creation of resources, data improvement, and collaboration and coordination.

Regional Offices

The FNS Regional Offices monitor State 快三计划软件 projects, and promote and support collaboration across programs and planning at State and local levels to ensure implementation of consistent and effective 快三计划软件 interventions.

State Agencies

State agencies have the option of providing nutrition education to SNAP recipients as part of their SNAP operations. They are responsible for all 快三计划软件 activities that occur within a State as outlined in an approved 快三计划软件 Plan. "State Agency means the agency of State government, including the local offices thereof, which is responsible for the administration of the federally aided public assistance programs within the State, and in those States where such assistance programs are operated on a decentralized basis; it includes the counterpart local agencies, which administer such assistance programs for the State agency." - 快三计划软件 Plan Guidance - 快三计划软件 Plan Guidance

Implementing agencies

Implementing agencies (also referred to as sub-grantees)  contract with State agencies to provide 快三计划软件 services and include Cooperative Extension offices, universities, State departments of health or education, State level nutrition networks, food banks, and other organizations.

To make changes to any State or Implementing Agencies, please use the 快三计划软件 Profile Request Form (PDF, 200 KB).